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Lake Wylie Waterfront History

There are many stories about Lake Wylie to be told and scenes to be remembered from the views you will see here.
Check back often to see additional historical articles. You live in a wonderfully unique place. I'll help you learn more about it's history.

Enjoy our "Postcards About Lake Wylie".

Click on picture or text to see additional information on each item.

Asking for any "old photos" of Lake Wylie.
If you have any old photos that would work for the post card program, please contact me. I'll pick the photos up, make copies, and return the original to you. You will get credit for sharing your photo and information.

Some by-gone venues would include: "Smitty's Beach" The old "Wildlife" park, any of the old "fish Camps", "The Fresh Air" camp, Red Fez, etc., old boats.